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Kannabis for the Kulture

The Best in Cannabis Health and Wellness

About Kannabis for the Kulture

Kannabis for the Kulture is a Cannabis  lifestyle brand created to educate, inform and assist cannabis consumers in making healthy responsible choices in their cannabis consumption. K4K was founded by a family of black women who enjoy the benefits of cannabis as medicine; the co-owner and CEO Rachel-Selah is a certified cannabis health and wellness coach who uses cannabis medicine to help acheive optimal health and wellness. Our other co-owner and CFO uses cannabis medicine to help vets and pets. Our head of manufacturing also a cannabis health and wellness coach uses cannabis medicine to help geriatrics an elderly with using cannabis to optimize health and their golden years


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K4K offers a variety of workshops and courses; happening virtually and locally in Virginia, New York, DC, and Hawaii. Check the site regularly for updates.


Women's Wellness Wednesdays

Starting in March in honor of Women's Herstory Month, Rachel-Selah CHWC will be hosting a series of wellness workshops focus on learning to use cannabis to enhance your wellness journey. 


Coming Soon:

Wellness Subscription Service

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