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Buy Poi Balls

Poi can be crafted from just about any material, which has lead to the development of LED poi, which has become increasingly popular throughout the rave community and EDM festival culture. An LED or glow poi set will typically consist of two objects that either light up or glow, attached to each other on strings. LED Poi can be found in the shape of balls, pods, or nunchucks. Some of the more modern sets of LED poi include Space Whips or Space Sabers. LED poi are often referred to as flow toys.

buy poi balls

Pivot Poi is the next evolution in Poi spinning, exclusively available from GloFX in a 9-mode LED set which will capture the imagination of every onlooker. This new form of flow combines all the artistry of LED Poi, and adds a new, exciting element by adding an extra ball into the mix. This two-ball configuration adds a whole new world of tricks to explore. And of course, you can still perform all the same amazing classic Poi tricks you know by grabbing one of the balls or performing with the fully extended poi.

Create glowing light trails at night with Spinballs LED Poi! Poi is Maori for 'ball on a string.' This set of glow poi are attached to adjustable leashes and light up the entire spectrum of the rainbow! Spin them around in rhythmical and geometric patterns similar to Tai Chi to create a visual effect. To help you get started, download our app to learn the moves & motions. 041b061a72

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