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RAGE 2 TerrorMania-CODEX

RAGE 2 TerrorMania-CODEX: A Review

RAGE 2 TerrorMania-CODEX is a PC game that was released on November 14, 2019 by Bethesda Softworks. It is an expansion pack for the original RAGE 2 game, which was developed by Avalanche Studios and id Software. RAGE 2 TerrorMania-CODEX introduces a new campaign, a new region, new enemies, new weapons, and new abilities to the post-apocalyptic shooter game.

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The Story

The story of RAGE 2 TerrorMania-CODEX follows the protagonist, Walker, as he travels to the Deadlands, a twisted version of the Wasteland that is ruled by the evil Necro King. The Necro King has stolen the fragments of a powerful sword called the NecroDisk, which can open portals between dimensions. Walker must find and reassemble the NecroDisk before the Necro King unleashes his army of undead horrors upon the living world.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of RAGE 2 TerrorMania-CODEX is similar to that of the base game, but with some new features and challenges. The player can explore the Deadlands, a dark and eerie region that is filled with skeletons, ghosts, ghouls, and other undead creatures. The player can also use a new weapon called the Sword of Transitus, which can slash through enemies and create portals to travel between the Deadlands and the Wasteland. The player can also unlock new abilities such as Shatter Bomb, which can blast enemies with a wave of energy, and Spectral Dash, which can make the player invisible and invulnerable for a short time.

The Verdict

RAGE 2 TerrorMania-CODEX is a fun and exciting expansion pack that adds more content and variety to the original game. The new campaign is engaging and humorous, the new region is atmospheric and creepy, the new enemies are challenging and diverse, and the new weapons and abilities are satisfying and powerful. RAGE 2 TerrorMania-CODEX is a must-have for fans of RAGE 2 and anyone who enjoys fast-paced and action-packed shooter games.

If you want to download RAGE 2 TerrorMania-CODEX, you can visit [this website] for more information.

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