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Anniyan Tamil Movie Mp3 14

Anniyan Tamil Movie MP3 14 - A Review of the Songs

Anniyan is a 2005 Tamil movie directed by S. Shankar and starring Vikram, Sadha, Prakash Raj, Vivek, and others. The movie is a psychological thriller that deals with the theme of multiple personality disorder and vigilante justice. The movie was a blockbuster hit and received critical acclaim for its screenplay, direction, performance, and music.

The music of Anniyan was composed by Harris Jayaraj, who collaborated with Shankar for the first time. The album consists of six songs, each representing a different genre and mood. The songs were well received by the audience and critics alike, and became chartbusters. The album also won several awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director.


The Songs of Anniyan






Shankar Mahadevan, Harini, Nakul, Nelwyn, GV. Prakash



Kannum Kannum Nokia

Lesle Lewis, Andrea, Vasundhara Das, Sunitha Sarathy, Chennai Chorale



Iyengaaru Veetu Azhage

Hariharan, Jassie Gift, Kay Kay, Shreya Ghoshal, Saindhavi




Nakul, Nelwyn, GV. Prakash



Randakka Randakka

Shankar Mahadevan, Harini



Strawberry Aankhen

Sunitha Sarathy, Chennai Chorale



A Review of the Songs

The songs of Anniyan are a perfect blend of melody and rhythm, with catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics. The songs also reflect the different personalities of the protagonist, Ambi, Remo, and Anniyan. Here is a brief review of each song:

  • Andangkaka: This is a folk song that introduces the character of Ambi, a meek lawyer who follows the rules and loves Nandini. The song is upbeat and energetic, with a lively chorus and percussion. The singers do a great job of expressing Ambi's feelings and frustrations. The lyrics are witty and humorous, with references to various Tamil movies and actors.

  • Kannum Kannum Nokia: This is a pop song that showcases the character of Remo, a supermodel who woos Nandini with his charm and style. The song is catchy and trendy, with a techno beat and electronic sounds. The singers deliver a peppy and playful performance, with English and Tamil words mixed together. The lyrics are catchy and clever, with references to various brands and gadgets.

  • Iyengaaru Veetu Azhage: This is a melody song that depicts the romance between Ambi and Nandini. The song is soothing and sweet, with a soft guitar and flute accompaniment. The singers render a soulful and smooth rendition, with harmonious vocals and emotions. The lyrics are poetic and romantic, with metaphors and similes.

  • Kumari: This is a rap song that features the character of Anniyan, a vigilante who punishes the wrongdoers with his weapons and methods. The song is fast and furious, with a heavy bass and drum beat. The singers rap with attitude and aggression, with English and Tamil words fused together. The lyrics are bold and blunt, with references to various social issues and crimes.

  • Randakka Randakka: This is a masala song that celebrates the character of Anniyan, who is hailed as a hero by the masses. The song is festive and fun, with a dholak and trumpet arrangement. The singers sing with enthusiasm and energy, with chorus and claps. The lyrics are catchy and colorful, with references to various places and cultures.

  • Strawberry Aankhen: This is a jazz song that portrays the character of Remo, who is a flirt and a casanova. The song is smooth and stylish, with a saxophone and piano background. The singers croon with flair and finesse, with English and Tamil words blended together. The lyrics are cheeky and charming, with references to various fruits and flowers.

The songs of Anniyan are a treat for the ears and the mind, as they offer a variety of genres and themes. The songs are also well integrated into the movie, as they enhance the mood and the message of the story. The songs of Anniyan are a testimony to the talent and creativity of Harris Jayaraj and Shankar, who have delivered a musical masterpiece.

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