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Los secretos y curiosidades de El gordo alberto movie didrip latino

If you ever wondered what happened to the actors from your favorite old movies, chances are youre staring at those faces right now. And theyre in short supply. Almost always limited to supporting roles, they faded into obscurity long ago. One outstanding exception to this trend is a film that every horror lover should watch. Sergio Corbucci directed Atrocious, a tale of a Catholic priest who invades the home of a wealthy, middle-aged widow. Before you think this is some Vatican-backed practical joke, the surprise comes when its revealed that the widow was actually a hooker who was killed by her john. The priest, portrayed by such luminaries as Victor Mature and Burt Lancaster, does what priests are wont to do--he listens to a homily about God and Man. Immediately afterward, he attempts to anoint the dead woman with oil. She doesnt take well to this--and makes no attempt to cover up her nudity. Nor does she take kindly to being tied up with a stun gun and made to sleep in a coffin. This already impressive-looking film moves into its second half with a remarkable novelty: A colorful, puppet-like heroine with bulging eyes appears out of nowhere and confronts the priest, chasing him around and talking loud enough for both him and the camera to hear. The film then cuts to the hotel room where the woman is held, where the same actor is seen playing the priest in his own hotel room while the woman screams at him.

El gordo alberto movie didrip latino

The freaky Gates of Hell is about as strange a B-movie as youll ever see. Hell, perhaps, but it isnt actually set in Hell--rather, the filmmakers simply took a haunted, abandoned old house and changed its name. It also stars one of the stars of The Mole People, Richard Blair, and among the oddball supporting players you'll likely recognize are Robert Quarry and Freddy Quinn. You see, its more than just a haunted house. Its also a cheap sex toy machine. If theres a better example of this subgenre, Im not sure I know it.

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