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Zoo Tycoon 2 European Expeditions

Zoo Tycoon 2 European Expeditions

Zoo Tycoon 2 European Expeditions, also known as EE, is a user-made expansion pack for the popular simulation game Zoo Tycoon 2. It was created by HENDRIX, a well-known modder in the Zoo Tycoon community. The pack features various animals, objects and plants from Europe, some of which are exclusive to this pack. The pack was first released in 2009 and has been updated several times since then. The latest version of the pack was released in 2022 and is compatible with the Radical Remake mod, which enhances the graphics and realism of the game.

Download File:

Contents of the pack

The pack contains 31 animals, 30 plants, 20 objects, and one staff member. The animals include both common and rare species, such as the European wildcat, the harbour seal, the lammergeier, and the northern bald ibis. Some animals have custom animations and sounds, such as the European eel, the great jerboa, and the olm. The plants include various trees, flowers, grasses, and aquatic plants that can be used to decorate the habitats of the animals. The objects include a forest theme with different rock formations, a bat cave, a hollow tree, and a Santa Claus statue. The staff member is a zookeeper dressed in a traditional European costume.

How to download and install the pack

The pack can be downloaded from [HENDRIX's signature] or from [Zoo Tycoon Nexus]. To install the pack, simply extract the files from the zip folder and place them in your Zoo Tycoon 2 folder. If you want to use the Radical Remake version of the pack, you will need to download and install the [Radical Remake Environment file] as well. You can also download and install other packs made by HENDRIX or other modders to enhance your game experience.

Why you should play with this pack

This pack is one of the most popular and comprehensive user-made expansions for Zoo Tycoon 2. It adds a lot of diversity and realism to your zoo, as well as some fun and unique features. You can create beautiful and realistic habitats for your European animals, learn more about their biology and behavior, and enjoy their interactions with each other and with you. You can also challenge yourself with new scenarios and goals that are based on real conservation issues. This pack is a must-have for any Zoo Tycoon fan who loves European wildlife.

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