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The NEW! Full Version Of The Uncensored Mcdonalds Strip Search

The latest incident occurred last week in Arizona, when a Taco Bell manager received a call from a man claiming to be a police officer who urged the manager to strip-search a female whom the caller said had stolen a pocketbook.

The Full Version Of The Uncensored Mcdonalds Strip Search


In Rapid City, S.D., a former fast-food restaurant manager was accused of holding a 19-year-old female employee against her will and forcing her to strip during a three-hour search in the restaurant's back office. Allan Mathis was acquitted last month of kidnapping and second-degree rape charges in connection with the June incident.

The woman was among supervisors at four Wendy's restaurants south of Boston who strip-searched employees, saying they were told to do so by a phone caller who said he was a policeman. The other incidents occurred in Whitman, West Bridgewater and Wareham. No criminal charges have been brought.

Allan Mathis, the manager of a Hardee's in Rapid City, South Dakota, who strip-searched an employee in June 2003, said in an interview: "I didn't want to be doing it. But it was like he was watching me."

And in Dover, Delaware, a Burger King manager who was strip-searching an 18-year-old employee in March 2003 fought off the worker's mother and boyfriend so strenuously that state police had to be called.

Some of the strip searches weren't even reported to police, because embarrassed restaurant officials were reluctant to publicize them, said Jablonski, the ex-FBI agent. The fiercely competitive chains also initially were reluctant to talk to each other.

"You don't have to be a Phi Beta Kappa to know not to strip-search a girl who is accused of stealing change," said Roger Hall, the lawyer for a woman who won $250,000 after being strip-searched at a McDonald's in Louisa, Kentucky.

Although a McDonald's security executive had sent a 10- to 15-second voice message to every store in the region about hoax calls about a week before the Mount Washington incident, Siddons, the manager there, said in her deposition it didn't mention strip searches.

"Employers have a right to make you empty your pockets, take off your coat or pass through a metal detector," unless a union contract prohibits it, said Louisville lawyer Alton Priddy, who represents employees. But he and James U. Smith III, who represents employers, said they've never heard of an employer strip-searching a worker and it would be permissible only in the most limited settings, such as a defense plant entrusted with protecting military secrets.

Companies also should periodically inform operators and franchisees about strip-search hoaxes and other scams, said Atlanta lawyer Mary Ann Oakley, who defended McDonald's in a strip-search case and whose firm, Holland & Knight, publishes a newsletter for the hospitality industry.

The jury also awarded $1.1 million to Donna Summers, a former McDonald's assistant store manager who also sued the fast-food chain. Summers, who had asked the jury to award her $50 million, led the strip search of Ogborn at the direction of the hoax caller.

In the lawsuit, she said someone called the restaurant in Mount Washington impersonating a police officer and gave a description of a young, female employee, accusing her of stealing from a customer. The caller instructed an employee to strip search the woman, according to testimony.

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This case sounds like a really bad joke. In fact, it stems from one. As described in both industry and mainstream media, a prankster's been posing as a police officer and calling restaurants, convincing managers to strip search employees for suspected crimes.[1] Both managers and employees have fallen for the prank, with some searches "going the distance" and thus *1288 giving rise to allegations of harassing sexual contact. Id.

That's essentially what plaintiff Deborah J. Fogal claims happened in this case, where a prankster calledcollectdefendant Coastal Restaurant Management, Inc.'s (CRMI's) Taco Bell restaurant, spoke with co-defendant Morgan Shane Denson (one of the store's managers) and convinced himand Fogalto strip search her for evidence of a coin purse theft (and her car for marijuana possession).

During this time, plaintiff believed that the police were heading to the store, and that by having Denson strip search her she could avoid an arrest. Doc. # 25 at 96-97. Even though the Statesboro police station was nearby, she did not wonder why it was taking two hours for them to arrive because "[the caller] never told me where they were coming from" and she didn't ask. Nor did she ask to wait for the police to arrive before undergoing the strip search. Id. at 98. From her conversations with the prankster, Fogal recalls that he sounded 30-40 years old, professional and versed in legal terms. Id. at 104. With a compassionate tone, he told her he knew she was scared and tried to calm her down. Id. at 103-05.

During that time, she learned from a customer that a similar prank had just been pulled at a nearby "Ruby Tuesday's" restaurant that night. Id. at 155; see also doc. # 25 at 133-35; doc. # 26 exh. 2 at 2-4, 7-8, 15-16 (male "Ruby Tuesday" employee recounting, in a Statesboro, Georgia police report, that on 11/25/02 he was summoned to restaurant office by female manager, voluntarily stripped-searched for "a key that had been stolen from the store"; manager was told to make his penis "fully erect"; after failing to do so, manager grabbed it to look under it and reported result to caller; this routine was essentially repeated with a second male employee).[10]

It is worth noting, however, that parents and educators (in this case, extending all the way through a Georgia high school and university education cycle) simply must do a better job in educating our young, and that includes, as this case so, painfully demonstrates, inculcating a healthy dose of "street smarts" into them. It is simply appalling that a university student did not even know what the word "leer" means, could be led to believe that civilian store managers can legally strip-search employees (something not even jailers can do absent reasonable suspicion, see Wilson v. Jones, 251 F.3d 1340, 1343 (11th Cir. 2001)), and could further be led into patently nonsensical conduct (e.g., "butts-macking" and French kissing, while naked, in a search for a "hidden" change purse).

However, nearly 1,000 miles away from Kentucky in West Bridgewater, Chief Flaherty began investigating the strip search caller around the same time - after scam calls were placed to Boston-area restaurants.

Walter Nix Jr was, however, sentenced to five years in prison for his role in the bizarre strip search and sexual assault after pleading guilty to charges of sexual assault. He was arrested shortly after the incident when Donna Summers realised she had been tricked.

Here's what happens in Compliance: A man calls a fast-food restaurant and tells the manager that he's a cop and that an employee has stolen from a customer. Before the end of the movie (now in limited release), the caller (Pat Healy) persuades the manager (Ann Dowd) to strip-search the suspect (Don't Trust the B----- in Apartment 23's Dreama Walker). He also talks Walker's character into committing a sexual act.

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