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Side Stories: Excerpts is a short video series hosted on YouTube. As the name suggests, the videos consist of short excerpts of the full-length Patreon exclusive video. The first Side Stories video recording of their March 8, 2022, episode was uploaded on March 11, 2022.[20] The full-length Patreon exclusive video is uploaded every Wednesday, and the 10-minute YouTube excerpt episodes are uploaded on Fridays.


\u201CBibi\u201D a story about a kid who's kinda lost in life, about decisions people choose for us at an early age and the ignorance of being too young. This is my largest project to this day, and will be longer than my first comic, \u201CBlind Eye\u201D. It took me all this year to write the entire comic, sketch the first two chapters and finish chapter 1, a 50 page long comic. I\u2019ve plans for this one, as it\u2019s going to have more episodes (a total of 4, of 50 pages each but the last one larger) I thought the best way to show it was, indeed, chapter per chapter. With \u201CBlind Eye\u201D I realized not everyone is up to reading 150 pages digitally, neither in a sit, so that made me decide the best for this project was making it this way. But of course, as this is a Patreon exclusive, I don\u2019t want it to be there for an eternity! The plan is, once chapter 1 (done) and chapter 2 (on it) are 100% finished, I\u2019ll release it digitally to the public, but also print some copies for those who prefer it! The idea is having this first volume by January, on my birthday\u2026 I\u2019m totally sure I\u2019ll make it on time ^o^) You have the preview of this comic at my portfolio, and a preview of chapter 2 at my twitter. 041b061a72

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