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Sakhimarum Njanumpdf

Sakhimarum Njanumpdf: A Novel by Khushwant Singh

Sakhimarum Njanumpdf is a Malayalam novel written by Khushwant Singh, a famous Indian author and journalist. The novel was published by Poorna Publications in 2012 and has 240 pages. The title of the novel means "My Friends and I" in Malayalam. The novel is a story of Mohan Kumar, a wealthy businessman who decides to change his life after 13 years of a dull marriage. He adopts a strange philosophy that karma is the basis of love and gets involved with various women from different backgrounds and cultures. The novel explores the themes of sexuality, lust, betrayal, friendship, and spirituality.

Plot Summary

The novel begins with Mohan Kumar, a 45-year-old millionaire who owns a chain of hotels and resorts in India and abroad. He is married to Meera, a beautiful but boring woman who is obsessed with astrology and religion. Mohan Kumar is unhappy with his marriage and feels that he has wasted his youth and energy on a woman who does not understand him. He decides to spice up his life by having affairs with different women who can satisfy his sexual and emotional needs.


He meets Sarojini, a young and attractive journalist from Haryana who interviews him for a magazine. He is impressed by her intelligence and boldness and invites her to his hotel room. They have a passionate affair and Mohan Kumar falls in love with her. He buys her expensive gifts and takes her to exotic places. He also introduces her to his friends and business associates. Sarojini enjoys the attention and the luxury but does not reciprocate his feelings. She is ambitious and wants to make a name for herself in the media industry. She also has a boyfriend named Rajesh who is a struggling actor. She cheats on both Mohan Kumar and Rajesh and eventually dumps them both.

Mohan Kumar is heartbroken but does not give up on his quest for love. He meets Molly Gomes, a beautiful and bubbly nurse from Goa who works in his hospital. He is attracted by her cheerful personality and her Catholic faith. He proposes to her and she accepts. They get married in a church and have a honeymoon in Goa. Mohan Kumar thinks that he has found his soulmate but soon realizes that Molly is not as innocent as she seems. She has a dark past that involves drugs, prostitution, and abortion. She also has a son named Tony who lives with her parents in Goa. She hides these facts from Mohan Kumar and lies to him about her whereabouts. She also cheats on him with other men, including his friends and employees.

Mohan Kumar is shocked and disgusted by Molly's betrayal but does not divorce her. He hopes that she will change her ways and become a faithful wife. He also feels guilty for cheating on Meera, who still loves him despite his infidelity. He tries to reconcile with her but she rejects him. She tells him that she knows about his affairs and that she has filed for divorce. She also reveals that she has been having an affair with his best friend Ravi, who is also his business partner.

Mohan Kumar is devastated by Meera's revelation but does not confront Ravi. He decides to leave India and start a new life abroad. He sells his hotels and resorts to Ravi and transfers his money to an offshore account. He also divorces Molly and gives her a generous alimony. He then travels to Sri Lanka, where he meets Sushantika, a young and beautiful Buddhist nun who lives in a monastery. He is fascinated by her calmness and spirituality. He visits her regularly and learns about Buddhism from her. He also helps her with the social work that she does for the poor and the needy. He feels a deep connection with her and asks her to marry him. She agrees but tells him that she has to renounce her vows first.

They plan to get married in a Buddhist temple but their happiness is short-lived. On the day of their wedding, a group of terrorists attack the temple and kill many people, including Sushantika. Mohan Kumar survives the attack but loses his eyesight due to an explosion. He is taken to a hospital where he learns about Sushantika's death. He is filled with grief and despair.

Critical Reception

Sakhimarum Njanumpdf received mixed reviews from critics and readers alike. Some praised the novel for its bold and honest portrayal of human relationships and emotions. They also appreciated the author's use of humor and irony to lighten the mood of the story. They also lauded the author's skill in writing in Malayalam, a language that he learned later in his life. Some also compared the novel to his previous works, such as Train to Pakistan, I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale, and The Company of Women.

However, some criticized the novel for its vulgar and sensational depiction of sex and violence. They also accused the author of being misogynistic and racist in his portrayal of women and other cultures. They also found the plot to be unrealistic and melodramatic. They also questioned the author's motive in writing the novel, as he was already 97 years old when he wrote it.


Sakhimarum Njanumpdf is a controversial and provocative novel that explores the complex and often contradictory aspects of human nature. It is a story of love, lust, betrayal, friendship, and spirituality. It is also a story of a man who searches for meaning and happiness in his life but finds only pain and tragedy. It is a novel that challenges the reader to reflect on their own values and choices.

If you are interested in reading Sakhimarum Njanumpdf, you can buy it from Kerala Book Store, where you can also find other books by Khushwant Singh and other Malayalam authors. You can also read a summary of the novel in English on Smoke Eater Gourmet, where you can also find other articles on various topics.

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